A Wild Ride

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It’s rare that you wake up wondering to yourself…“Was that all a dream?” The week has certainly felt that way. I learned about Branch Metrics less than three weeks ago. Their product, a simple drop in SDK that finally lets app developers track, monitor and manage their users using deep linking, is going to disrupt the mobile industry. It wasn’t just their technology that took my breath away, their team of founders is one of the most thoughtful and inspiring groups of people I have ever met.

In grad school at Stanford I took a number of business classes where I learned the importance in surrounding yourself by the brightest and best people you can find. The goal in achieving professional success and happiness was about doing something you’re passionate about and diving in with people who are going to challenge you and make you a better person. I absolutely found these types of great people and a real opportunity to grow at Branch.

The added bonus of the opportunity to work for Branch is the fact that I’m going to be in a role that will truly utilize my skills and will help me grow both my business acumen and technical abilities. With a small team of 12, Branch is growing rapdily in the next few months and needs people who can manage several domains of expertise, who are comfortable with sales and business intelligence, but also who aren’t afraid of code. They need people who are willing to take risks, use data to drive business decisions, possibly fail along the way, but ultimately grow from the experience. More specifically, they want somebody with a technical background, business understanding, and a love of technology. When I heard this I felt it was a match made in heaven, and I couldn’t have been more excited to join.

If all this wasn’t enough to convince me, their co-founder CEO, Alex Austin – yes, it is comically fitting that we have inverse names – left me with one honest promise: A wild ride.

I’ve decided to join the team at Branch Metrics in Palo Alto, and close my chapter at Accenture. Check out their product, which I also write about more in the future. I hope you will follow & support me in this exciting new journey!