Catching up to Speed

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It's been a long time since I wrote on my blog. At the time of my last update, I was in India, half-heartedly documenting my experiences, and desperately trying to relax and cool the jet engines after a grueling start to 2014.

Since that time, things have changed in my own life. For one, I enjoyed another extended vacation in Japan and returned home feeling rejuvinated and ready to take on the world. But as the weeks transpired I became a bit exaspirated with my slated employment. Instead of letting my mind wander and prepare, I delved back into computer programming and taught myself some cool tricks. October was very much a month of self-exploration, navigating life after grad school & all its nuances, and reminding myself how to learn efficiently.

As November rolled about, I kept learning and building in Ruby, Rails, JS, and a few other languages. Eventually I got the idea to build a small app to help me be more efficient in my role as a CA at Stanford. Then I got some inspiration from finance and google-search analytics. Now, I'm trying to stay busy with code and dive deeper into advanced topics in programming. I'm not sure how this plays in the long-term, but these projects have been incredibly exciting and have pushed my intellectual curiosity further than anything else before.

Beyond this, I've spent a good deal of time revamping my website and digging into the meat of how Jekyll static website templating works. In the next year I plan to really build out the content for the things I'm passionate about.